The Bundalong property, in the famous Coonawarra “Terra Rossa” region, has been managed with careful husbandry by our family for three generations. The property was originally a mixed farming venture with an old quarry in one of the paddocks. Around 30 years ago James, Second Generation investigated the soils exposed at the limestone quarry site and discovered what he presumed could only be the famed ‘Terra Rossa’ soil.

James called upon a local legend and winemaking friend to confirm his findings. Six simple words began Bundalong vineyard. ‘It’s as good as it gets’. His mate went on to say, ‘I’d be planting vines if it was my land’.

James did just that. Hero of the region, Cabernet Sauvignon, was the first to be planted in 1990 and was quickly followed by Shiraz. For many years the grapes were sold to neighbouring wineries for use in their wine. As the vines matured, Bundalong has been rewarded with high graded grapes, making it amongst some of the highest quality fruit in Coonawarra.

This result has confirmed James’ suspicion that the Bundalong block is special. In 2008 the first boutique wine under the Bundalong Coonawarra label were released.

We select fruit for the Bundalong wines from the best block which is generally our vines which are more than 30 years-old. The vines have really settled, and the wine shows the wonderful and unique Terra Rossa characteristics, whilst reflecting the advantages of the slower ripening in our cool climate environment. Our wines are made to cellar and so we hold back the release of each vintage until the wine shows us it is ready to be enjoyed. We want Bundalong wines to be enjoyed at their best with the knowledge they will get even better with more time.”  Fred Porter, Bundalong Manager, Third Generation.